Innovation and functional sophistication

A kitchen truly transforms a house into a home. Its a place where people eat, cook, entertain, bake and make lasting memories with friends and family. Kitchen appliances transform the landscape of a kitchen, offering design, functionality, and innovation.

Be inspired to create a dream kitchen without boundaries or limitations, just endless possibilities. Kitchen appliances transform the landscape of a kitchen, offering design, functionality, and innovation.

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Make cleaning effortless with pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens

With one touch of the pyrolytic self-cleaning function, dirt, grease and food residue in the oven is converted into ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth. Why not consider an oven with this capability within your next development project.

See how pyrolytic self-cleaning works on the range of AEG ovens.

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Induction hobs ensure the quick and efficient preparation of food in the kitchen. This is because the heat is transferred to the base of the pan rather than the designated cooking surface, which also makes them easier to clean.

Additional features include touch controls, flexible cooking zones, child safety locks and pause functions. You can also choose hobs that are automatically linked to your extractor hood for maximum convenience and effectiveness. The AEG range of Hob2Hood models are perfect for this.


Refrigerators chill food quickly to keep food fresher for longer, reducing food waste.

Adjustable shelves allow you to arrange bulky and tall items to suit your needs. Defrosting a freezer is now a thing of the past with zero frost technology. The temperatures in the fridge and freezer can now be adjusted separately for even more control.


Dishwashers take away the hassle out of washing up after every meal saving time, water and energy.

Models now available have great features which include adjustable racks, glass care systems and cutlery drawers as well as wash sensors that control the temperature and the amount of water required. The AEG ComfortLift® Dishwasher even has a lower basket which lifts up to enable easier loading and unloading.