The little book of sustainability

It’s essential for our clients that our products are not only of the highest quality and built to last, but also that those factors are not achieved at a cost to the environment. They too have CSR targets to meet and it became increasingly important for us to communicate our environmental credentials, showing us to be a forward-thinking and sustainable partner.

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From timber grown in FSC and PEFC-certified forests to zero carbon emissions in our manufacturing processes to decreasing our energy consumption, Paula Rosa Manhattan is committed to reducing waste further whilst encouraging others to do the same. The Little Book of Sustainability is printed on paper from FSC-certified and sustainable forests and the production processes were carbon balanced. It is 100% recyclable although far too lovely to be thrown away.

  1. Trees

    Let’s face it, we use trees to make our products. But we are also aware of our responsibility to the planet.

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  2. Emissions

    Our operations have unwanted CO2 emissions but we have identified these and have actions in place to reduce them.

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  3. Energy Consumption

    Although 100% of our energy is already from renewable sources, we can still take steps to reduce our consumption.

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  4. Waste

    In manufacturing and distribution processes some of the planet’s resources are wasted.

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  5. Circular Economy

    We recognise that the kitchen industry is subject to changing trends and tastes. We want to make it easier for homeowners to re-use and recycle our products.

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  6. The Local Community

    We want to have a lasting positive impact on the local community through both employment and by working with local organisations related to homes and the environment

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  7. Our People

    We are committed to creating an environment where every employee can work at their best.

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  8. Future Challenges

    There will always be room for improvement and reflection.

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