A message to our customers re: Covid-19

Company news

In light of recent developments around coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to share an update on what PRMF is doing to keep our team safe and operations continuing, as well as the specific steps we are taking to continue to deliver services to our customers. We aim to continue to support and work with you as we work through this worldwide pandemic together.

Enabled remote working
Over the past few weeks we have been enabling our office-based staff to work from home, including purchasing hardware and carrying out checks on infrastructure, to facilitate continued support of our manufacturing and field-based teams.

Our sales, installation and customer care teams already work remotely, and this has helped to insulate this part of our operations from the need to physically isolate people. We are grateful for the many communiques we have received from our customers, and these have been communicated out to our teams to follow the guidance and any site-specific requirements that customers have put in place. Whilst we fully expect there to be fewer traditional meetings with customers at their premises, we are able to conduct meetings remotely using Microsoft Teams or Skype, and the usual means of communicating via phone or email remain unchanged.

Support from customers and suppliers
As we work continually to address the challenges we face and maintain our service to you, there may be some extraordinary measures and processes that we need to adopt in order to sustain our operations. We will consult and discuss these with you.

Early visibility of demand is crucial, and in this regard we would advise against delaying placing orders as we will only procure against secured forward order bookings.

Working closely with our dual sourced, UK-based raw material suppliers, we have secured our ability to supply against demand. We have also forward ordered bought-in items such as sinks, taps and appliances based on the visibility of our forward order book, and again we have dual sourcing arrangements in place. We have component supply continuity, a highly automated manufacturing plant and a market leading OTIF delivery performance.

Finally, while we are well placed to continue to meet the needs of our customers, given the uncertain nature of events, the health and safety of our joint teams and their families is our highest priority. We continue to encourage everyone to follow the preventative measures recommended by the UK government and the NHS.