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636 apartments, Canary Wharf

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This was our first development working with Canary Wharf Contractors and at the time was the largest single building we had undertaken. There were several design challenges throughout the build which required careful planning and installation.


Newfoundland is a Canary Wharf icon. Rising 58 storeys above the river Thames, with uninterrupted views eastwards over Canary Wharf and docklands, or westwards towards the city and the rest of the capital.


To provide an exact solution to the client's design requirements. All apartments were to the same high finish and delivered within the programme.

  • All painted doors were a mixture of high gloss polished and matt finish to the specific colour paint palette as defined by the client.
  • The package also included the supply and installation of solid work surfaces, glass mirrored splashbacks and all appliances.


Although working over 58 floors had the potential to cause logistical challenges, we overcame this through careful planning and coordination by the Project delivery team. This ensured that we completed our works ahead of programme and also led to the successful award of further work from this prestigious client.

One of the most unique challenges was to plan the kitchens around SVP locations which weren’t always against the walls due to the open plan design of the apartments. Often central to the space and using the SVP as a column, we developed the design to ensure the installation could be set out from this point. The SVP needed to remain accessible through carefully engineered hidden access locations.

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