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Trends – September 2021

Blues & Indigo Manhattan

Written by Tamsin Holland

Product Development Manager
1 min read

Paula Rosa Manhattan kitchens are high quality, innovative and designed to fit any size kitchen. We carry these principles through to the aesthetics as well, keeping in step with contemporary kitchen colour and style trends.

A perfect example of this is in our new blue range. Blue is a constant when it comes to kitchens and its versatility lends itself perfectly to the Paula Rosa Manhattan range of kitchens. The Manhattan range is the ideal choice for sumptuous indigo blue. The styling of the door is crisp and clean with integrated handles and the choice of matt or gloss finish sets off the indigo perfectly.

Every Manhattan kitchen shouts luxury and indigo blue lends an extra touch of class.

Why is blue so timeless? Ask 10 different people and you’ll get 10 different answers. It can be tranquil and calm, sophisticated and chic or bright and playful. Darker hues, such as indigo, work so well with natural stone or wood worktops and floors. Indigo blue cupboard doors also give great scope for accent colour – or other contrasting blues – throughout the kitchen and on the walls and furnishings.

For a perfect statement but timeless kitchen, choose our Indigo Manhattan range.

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