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Our Key Sustainability Focus Areas

Climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gasses

Written by Lee Golby

SHEQ Manager
1 min read

The drive to counter the climate impact of carbon dioxide and other Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) from human activity is certainly not new.

In 2008 the UK legally committed to achieving net zero by 2050, and in 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference(COP21), Member states pledged to limit the average global temperature rise to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels by 2050.

This is referred to as the Paris agreement. To remain on track, average global emissions need to have reduced by 45% by 2030.

We have taken huge steps in recent years to reduce our own Co2e emission, a combination of investments, changes to process, policies and behaviours have helped eliminate our production Co2e and significantly reduced our transport emissions.

Currently Ballingslov combined Co2e emissions are 38% ahead of the curve in terms of the Paris agreement commitment, and as a company we aim to reach the required 45% reduction in emissions by 2025, 5 years ahead of plan!

We also recognise that we are now in our 11th year of diverting all our manufacturing waste away from landfill.

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