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Paula Rosa Manhattan are Award-winning Recycling Champions!

Written by Lee Golby

SHEQ Manager
3 min read

Sustainability is at the heart of all manufacturing processes at Paula Rosa Manhattan. We know that the very act of manufacturing uses a great deal of resources, so we are constantly striving to find ways to balance our output whilst still delivering the best quality product to our clients.

One area we’ve worked really hard in is paper waste and we’re delighted to have been recognised for our efforts with an Award for Recycling from Paper Round. We send all our wastepaper and cardboard packaging to Paper Round for recycling. They are a commercial recycling expert who ‘bring back’ used resources as beautiful products. We chose them as our recycling partner because their ethos so closely matches our own.

The results of our 2020 paper recycling efforts…

We recycled 37,230 kg of paper, which saved 51,475 kg of CO2, the equivalent to 76 trees!

As we return to full production capacity in 2021, our waste will increase proportionately, but so will our recycling efforts. Watch this space for even better news next year!

What else does Paula Rosa Manhattan do to mitigate our environmental impact?

  • Trees feature heavily in our products in the shape of wood. All our timber is from FSC or PEFC certified managed forests, but there is still waste. We make sure that is all sent for energy recovery.
  • Our factories are powered with 100% green energy and our future plan is to generate our own energy through Solar PV or wind turbines. We are also exploring ways of making our transport fleet greener.
  • We plan to have a carbon neutral and zero carbon-producing production facility and have started this with a new heating and cooling system to be followed by the installation of EV charging points.
  • The whole PRMF team is on board with our environmental efforts, driven by our in-house The Little Book of Sustainability. We printed a beautiful little book, 100% recyclable, on paper from FSC-certified and sustainable forests, and all production processes were carbon balanced. We also sent the book to all our suppliers so they could come on board with our sustainability pledges and be encouraged to make their own. If you’d like a copy, please let us know.

We are so pleased to see we are making a positive impact but know there is so much more we can do. Here’s looking to a cleaner, greener future throughout the manufacturing industry.

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