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Paula Rosa Manhattan switch to renewable heating

Written by Lee Golby

SHEQ Manager
1 min read

The Paula Rosa Manhattan sustainability focus is firmly set on working towards a zero carbon production facility by 2022. We are delighted to have made a significant leap forward with the set-up of a newly installed factory heating and cooling system using an air source heating pump.

There are a multitude of heating options available for premises like ours but we had specific goals in mind. We wanted to maintain year-round thermal comfort for our employees, provide an optimal operating temperature for our manufacturing processes, and find a heating and energy source that tied in to our sustainability development strategy.

Air source heating met all those criteria and is 100% in line with our goal for zero carbon.

The air source heating system is run on electricity which is procured green energy. It saves space and cost by using outside air to both heat and cool our premises, giving an ambient year-round environment for employees and materials. The project had some challenges, particularly against a backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, but it was delivered safely, on budget and in line with our business sustainability development goals.

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