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Sustainability At PRMF

From the top down

Written by Lee Golby

SHEQ Manager
2 min read

We take sustainability seriously at Paula Rosa Manhattan. It forms part of our company’s purpose which means we ensure materials are sustainably sourced, our production methods are environmentally conscious, and we work hard to offset our manufacturing footprint.

We have also pledged to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals to optimise our environmental impact, encourage people’s wellbeing and promote respectful business ethics.

And we are led in our strive for sustainability by our parent company, Ballingslöv, whose example of sustainability within manufacturing is inspiring. They have performed lifecycle assessments on products, to understand their environmental footprint, and so know what to focus on, and which actions need to be prioritised. Here are some highlights from their sustainability strategy:

  • Design: move away from products with a short lifespan to those that can be used over and over again, and design products to be easy to separate and then recycle the materials.
  • Sourcing: main products are made from a renewable source which, since 2019, has seen an increase from 47% to almost 100% sustainable forestry.
  • Production: co2 emissions have been reduced by more than 60% in three years by changing to renewable electricity, bio-based heating solutions and revisiting surface treatments. This is well ahead of the Paris Agreement.
  • Transportation: carbon emissions have been reduced by 50% by changing the fuel in delivery trucks from fossil to biofuel. Suppliers are encouraged to follow this example.
  • Sales: Ballingslöv is also committed to guide consumers in sustainable ways of living. They have created a kitchen simulator where customers can see how different material choices reflect the carbon footprint of their kitchen, as well as encouraging them to use renewable electricity. White goods and electricity account for 60 to 80% of a kitchen’s carbon footprint and switching energy sources is the single most important action a customer can do for the environment.

We see from the actions of Ballingslöv and from the changes our customers are making that we are all on a journey to improve our sustainability.

If we can put all the right pieces in place, and learn from our actions, we can begin to help preserve our planet.

To watch our group sustainability movie – please click here:

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