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Announcing the Launch of The Little Book of Sustainability

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Sustainability runs through everything we do at Paula Rosa Manhattan. We are all too aware that the materials we use, the emissions we produce and the energy we consume could contribute to depleting the planet’s resources. That is why we have made a conscious effort to act responsibly and develop our business sustainably.

From timber grown in FSC® and PEFC-certified forests to zero carbon emissions in our manufacturing processes to decreasing our energy consumption, Paula Rosa Manhattan is committed to reducing waste further whilst encouraging others to do the same.

It’s essential for our clients that our products are not only of the highest quality and built to last, but also that those factors are not achieved at a cost to the environment (or wider society).

They too have CSR targets to meet and it became increasingly important for us to communicate our environmental achievements, showing us to be a forward-thinking and sustainable partner. And so The Little Book of Sustainability was born (printed on recycled paper, of course).

The book is to be given out to our clients and for them to pass on as necessary. It is designed to be visually appealing and spread the word about our sustainability in a factual but fun way. We wanted the messages to be memorable and to easily illustrate how dedicated we are to optimising our environmental and social impact.

As well as our clients, it was vital that our own workforce bought in to our sustainability vision. We decided to launch the book internally in an interactive and fun way – not just leave copies for staff to pick up, but to ensure they would buy into our message. We decided to set up a Scavenger Hunt around the factory.

We sent teams off to work together, searching for clues and answering questions to score points. There’s nothing like an inter-department competition to get everyone going! All clues and questions were based around the elements featured in the book, to reinforce the key points. A great success for both team building and getting the workforce on board with our sustainability.

The Little Book of Sustainability is printed on responsibly sourced paper from FSC®-certified forests and the production processes were carbon balanced. It is 100% recyclable although far too lovely to be thrown away. Do let us know if you’d like a copy.

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